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To hit an empty bowl and still be able to get a huge rip off of it. Especially true if done multiple times in succession.
Dude, how'd you schuster that? The bowl's been empty for three days!
by deeteeenn July 05, 2010
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German word for shoe maker
Let's just head down the the Schuster
by cheriseeeee August 02, 2008
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1. to falsify one's location.
2. to act in a dickish manner when confronted about one's location.
3. to hoodwink another individual(s)
1. I thought you were in Wilmington...nah, man; I had to Schuster them.
2. Yeah, I asked him where he was and he went full on Schuster on me.
3.Those guys wouldn't pay me, so I had to Schuster them.
by call them how i see them April 21, 2011
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