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Meth, speed. This is a definition that was based on the sound that is made when a rock is being cut.
Jones was busted for slangin' schomp.
by Rhino December 16, 2004

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A disgusting overweight woman who is easily mistaken for a man. They are defined by their unsightly facial hair, their obvious lack of personal hygiene, and a general attitude of not giving a shit about life anymore.

SCHOMP is actually an acronym for: Sweaty Chin-Haired Obese Mom with Pimples

You are most likely to find schomps working at fast-food restaurants, low-quality diners, standing in the middle of the people movers at the airport so no one else can get by, riding the rascal scooters in Walmart, and driving mini-vans much too slowly in heavy rush hour traffic.
Whoa, I just did a triple-take - that dude wasn't really a dude! That was a SCHOMP! Hell ya, first schomp sighting of the summer! (*high five*)

Oh my gosh, that schomp looks like Hulk Hogan...wtf. I've gotta take a picture and send it to my friend.

That McDonalds cashier was such a schomp
by Denver 78 October 08, 2014