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A schlubb is a schmoe about to die of sloth. A schlubb is one lazy mutha effa. See "a bump on a log."
That bloody schlubb hasn't gotten out of bed all flippin' week!
by cMo March 20, 2005
to wear the most daggy comfortable clothes you have and have a lazy day at home. usually happens on a weekend, specifically Sunday. you do not care how feral you look, what house work needs doing, where anybody is or what they are doing. the kids could be setting fire to the yard and you would not care. only the television, your book or facebook matters. if it is out of your reach it does not exist (chocolate or beer being the exception).
its too cold to go out today, i think a schlubb day is in order.

i'm not visiting your mother i'm having a schlubb day and that's it!!!

it's been a long week at work, i'm staying in and being schlubb today.
by RedDragon01 September 03, 2009
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