A long and tiresome walk.
Origin: Yiddish.
It's a bit of a schlep from here to the shop.
by Jono March 27, 2005
to lug a giant box of yarmulkah up a tall steep flight of stairs by your shlong
Jewish guy: "I had to schlep"
"Hail OBAMA"

by Johnny cravittits February 23, 2009
A HVAC repair man who lacks the ability and intelligence to do his job when it's 94 degrees outside. Uncommonly needs you to pick him and his kids up and bring them to your house for the appointment because he has a DUI. Tells you it's to hot out to work on the unit and he will come back later that day and does not answer his phone to set up a time. Note to all, don't use a friend of a friend....
Did I hire the only schlep HVAC repair man in the USA?
by Sib the HVAC repairman hater August 18, 2009
A name used for a lower class idiot who sits on his own in class and has a liking to eating glue and pens whilst managing to always get something stuck up his nose. This type of person would usually smell of piss and write peoples names down in a little book to report to the Head Teacher. He would also pick up small change that people throw away at school (mostly at him).
Look at Boon over their eating stuff again, he's a right Schlep " Yeah he's a smelly glue sniffing bastard with pens stuck to his eyelids again" "Lets throw a coin at him"
by Simonster February 10, 2006
to place quickly and without care
just schlep it over there and come on.
by ())CRAYOLA))> March 05, 2005
1. one who drops some kind of food on their shirt.
2. usually occurs when one wears white!
I schlepped on myself and it stained my shirt...
by angelpuppy June 24, 2006
a person who is completely of low class standards
Those teachers are schleps.

People who smoke pot are schleps.
by Forge and Shoosh February 23, 2005
To go out looking for the company of the opposite sex, similar to pull. Mainly UK usage I believe.
I'm going on the schlep tonight. Hope I get lucky.
by jollypops July 07, 2006

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