"Scheiße" means the word shit in German!
Scheiße, ließ ich die Schlüssel im Auto. (Shit, I left the keys in the car.)
by Asuka-a-a May 30, 2008
(German) A noun, pronounced shie-zuh, meaning shit. Can easily take the place of damn
Hey, piece of scheisse! Get over hear.

Scheisse! I forgot to do my homework
by Mike S. Jr. April 11, 2007
German word meaning shit, not necessarily vulgar but often used by stupid Americans assuming it is. Actually, it is a commonly used word simply meaning feces.
Komm hier, Scheisskopf!

Doffe Amerikannische denke, dass Scheisse ein boese Wort ist.
by psparks April 30, 2007
Shit. Shite. Merde. The "S" word. The other word for "Crap"

scheisse is the German word for it. Also known as Shyste
scheisse! This piece of scheisse computer won't work. Oh well. I have to go and take a scheisse.
by 1069 May 29, 2005
'Shit' in German.
Scheiße kopf!
by larstait October 10, 2003
Scheiße (pronounced "shayza"), as it sound, means shit in German
"Uh, what smells like scheiße?!"

"You suck, you little piece of scheiße."
by ScheißeKopf February 19, 2009
German for shit

Also refers to fecophilia (scat), which is a largely German fetish
Essen sie mien scheisse
by Shi-za June 22, 2003

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