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a situation or a person that is just strange or awkward or in the case of a person slightly frightening,lame,suspicious,etc.
generally an uncomfy situation
girl to friend:that guy in the corner is pretty scetchy, he keeps looking at me.
this party is totaly scetch, lets leave
there is a scetch guy following us
by jazzyfizzle8 September 10, 2006
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The word scetchy comes from the two english words spooky and scary. Scetchy is normally used for describing something that's not yet finished. Like a cartoon on the scetch stadium. If a book seems scetchy, it simply doesn't seem finished.
But the other meaning of this word is a mix of the two words above. Many believe some norwegian people invented this word, but we can't be sure.
If you're spooked by a déjà vu, for example, you'd normally say "Spooky,". Or scary, of course. If something happens very coincidentally but appears to you as very planned and unexpected at the same time, this word, scetchy, matches for the situation.
It can also be used as an exclamation for a unpleasant situation.

All in all the word can be used for a dozen occasions, and there's actually no hundred percent detailed defination for it. Just use it when something is scary and spooky at the same time.
A man is walking in his neighbour's backyard when he suddenly hears a twig snap behind him. He turns around, but there's no one there. "Scetchy," he says.

"It is scetchy to take off for a spring and fall ten meters down and into the water."
by Lingua August 07, 2006
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uncertain about a situation. second thoughts.
I dont know if we should have that party tonight. Im a lil scetchy bout it cuz of all the cops driving by my house.
by T_RON July 19, 2009
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tiger army was scetchy at warped this year, but they rock anyway...
by maddy October 11, 2004
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