Money or cash refererd to by those who gain it usally by a particular trade of hustle: gambling, drugs,robery etc.
Shorty, pronounced(short-day), got all his scatch snatched while leaving the club.
by NAPPYBOY January 28, 2008
Top Definition
portuguese boys between the ages of 15 and 24, usually titled with generic names, including matthew, mike, derek, samuel, etc. these young men mostly have common portuguese last names, such as pereira, or anything ending with "ereira". these young men are usually of sub-par intelligence, but have overall good intentions.
check out that scatch trying trade a quarter for two fives! what an00b hax0r.

that scatch is totally dumb, but may have good intentions.

i bet that scatch's first name is matthew. and i bet his last name is pereira.
by andrewLOLMATTHEW! January 14, 2006
A Skanky Ass Bitch. that is all.
Tracy: Brittany is fuckin yo man!
Casey: Oh hell no!
Tracy: I told you she was a Ratchet Scatch!
by Realshitdawg January 16, 2014
v. To scratch another's desired body part in a soft, caressing manner, without using one's fingernails.
"Scatch me Alex! It feels so grand when I am this shacked"
"Not right now Lizzy"
by JIZZY! January 09, 2012
A sub-standard beach game involving two small round velcro pads strapped flat against the palm of the hand and a fluffy tennis ball. It took the British beach holiday by storm in the nineties until it's flaws came to light. These being that the pads were useless if they came into contact with sand and the ball likewise with water. There were many children left dissapointed with Scatch, I was one of them.
Look at those two kids over there, their Scatch isn't working either!
by Jim Birtwisle March 13, 2008
n. A blank or rough image used as a sandbox for editing.
Generally PSDs in photoshop.
similar to "Scratch" but used with digital imaging.
Yo, Dawg i checked out that l33t scatch sheet you made, it was like a playground for imaging.
by psdmaster September 29, 2008
Playing catch with shit. Scat + Catch = Scatch. Typically played in prisons and jails in America, usually with guards who don't know they're playing until it's too late.
The Guantanamo inmate did not care for baseball, but often played a little scatch with the guards.
by Danno Chuchiak April 10, 2007
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