1. To frequently ask others for money or food.
2. To search through for salvageable material: scavenged the garbage cans for food scraps.
3. To collect and remove refuse from: The streets are periodically scavenged.
1. Every time we go out, you're always askin' for 10 bucks you scabdog!
2. "Have ya got a spare dollar bloke?". "Go get a job and earn your own money ya scabdog!"
3. "Are you gonna eat all ya food?". "Go and buy your own dinner ya scabdog!"
by Ludachris September 19, 2005
Top Definition
a low life that crosses a protest line to work while everyone is on strike

this type of person has no spine, no morals, no friends, usually a coward, and quite possibly interferes with small children

also known as a parasite,
look at that scab dog, if i see the cunt out on the street i will skull fuck him
by bannana man February 16, 2007
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