Soon Back Mon - The Caribbean equivalent of brb (be right back), an abbreviation for I will soon return, used while talking, on the net or in IRC.
While sitting in the game room with friends and you have to run into the kitchen for drinks and munchies, you say SBM or "Soon Back Mon."

SBM - I will return (iwr)
by Ramon GL September 23, 2007
Top Definition
Smiling by myself. A truer form of "lol".
<closedmouth> too many newbies and smart asses
<Ashlee> smartassii
<killiondude> sbm.
by Killiondude September 06, 2010
Single black male or single brother
sbm looking for some fun
by juicebox21 June 12, 2008
Sexy Black Men
I can't wait to to go to ghana there is going to be so many SBM!!
by diana778 March 30, 2011
Stupid Bitch Monkey.
This word is used to call someone a "stupid bitch". It is used in an offensive or playful way. Someone who is a S.B.M. would probably say or do something very retarted. They might also hurt your feelings in some way. Use this word as a comeback or a noun.
Girl: I can't go to the bowling alley with with you tomorrow.

Friend: You S.B.M.!!
by S.B.M. November 15, 2007
The mindset of sisters before misters not unlike bros before hoes, but less derogatory in delivery.
Jenny: He played me again.
Tina: SBM hun. To hell with him.
by x&y July 16, 2006
Surprise Butt Sex!!when some1 gets rubbed my another man!!
wtf i jus got SBM
by fezbux December 21, 2010
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