Pronounce your words without spluttering saliva all over other people
*whipes spit from face* "dude.. say it dont spray it
by Petey___Boy July 05, 2009
Top Definition
1. A clever rhyming phrase used to discourage someone who spits when he or she talks from spitting in your face and an attempt to make him or her enunciate more clearly.
2. A simple way to remember what to do during sexual intercourse, especially if you don't have a condom. A reminder to inform your partner you are about to ejaculate before you actually do, giving him or her the warning he or she needs to prepare. Especially necessary during heterosexual intercourse in which a pregnancy is not desired.
1. Joe: "Sseven ssilver ssnakes ssat ssneakily, ssequesstered ssoldierss-"
Monica: "Dude! Say it don't spray it!"

2. Jacob: "Honey, I don't wanna knock you up, so how're we gonna do this?"
Mary: "Just remember, say it don't spray it. I need the warning so I can stop jiggling and you can pull out in time."
by roswell51 February 02, 2008
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