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A castrated homosexual, used to describe those who, while driving, commit any of the following transgressions:
1)Sit still at a green light.
2)Change lanes more that three times on the same block
3) cut off another drive (some exceptions, see #4)
4)Speed up when another driver uses their signal, so as to prevent the changing of lanes
5) Plays Chicken at a stop sign without right-of way
6) Goes under the speed limit at ANY time.
Also used to describe cyclists who insist on using two lane, two way roads.
1) Let me over, you sawed-off cocksucker, or I WILL run you into the median!!!
2) Can't these sawed-off cocksuckers find another place to ride they're fucking bikes?
3) Green means GO, you sawed-off-cocksucking-piece-of-shit!!!!!
by urdoingitwrong! October 03, 2009
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