(Som-ya); A unisex name meaning peaceful.
Hi my name is Saumya
by accept it please! November 15, 2011
Top Definition
can be define as a girl with lovely heart with a soft touch. Indian name for girls, its an adjective,can be used as a comlpement to girls.
I'm looking for my saumya.

she's is saumya.
by vijay pratap December 08, 2006
Saumya is a unisex name meaning sweetness and is generally a nice person. For a boy, Saumya can be very handsome, is extremely intelligent but when he talks to girls, he can be a little nervous about it. Sometimes, when he knows what he is saying, he can make you laugh till your sides hurt. For a girl, she can be very beautiful (not hot) and is very funny. Also, she will be very good at field hockey and soccer.
Damn, you see that boy Saumya, he gettin' 100's in every f***ing subject!
Holy shit that girl Saumya is amazingly hot!!
by TheBoss987654321 March 28, 2013
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