The word 'Satla'/'Sutul' basically means in Hebrew the feeling after smoking Marijuana.
It can be used to describe being high or just acting stupid. It's adjective is 'Satlan' meaning sombody who smokes a lot.
Damn, I'm in a serious Satla..
(or in Hebrew: Ani besatla ahu-sharmuta)
by G-man April 25, 2005
Top Definition
An Hebrew slang word.

1. Buzz, getting high, the effect of drugs and/or alcohol.
Another word for satla is "sutul", which has the same meaning.
2. Lately also used as an adjective to describe someone who's high, the adjective satlan is used more commonly.
3. Maybe also used like the word sababa, an expression for good feeling.
1. Good satla.

This shit gave me a good satla.

2. Dude 1: you're such a satla (satlan) dude!!!

Dude 2: satla...*giggling*

3. Dude 1: wanna go to the beach?

Dude 2: Satla! Let's go...
by Satlan~Katan~19 September 28, 2010
your state of being after taking a drug or several drugs...
right now i have a great satla....
this is bad for my satla
by nams3sa August 28, 2006
Should really be written Satlah (with H) since the word in Hebrew has the letter 'HEI'. This effects pronounciation.
This hashish has great satlah.
I'm in satlah.
What a smooth satlah.
Happy satlah.
by Satlan February 03, 2007
Means "good!" or "great!"
Josh: "You got an "A" in your work!"
Me: "Satla!"
by Anna March 17, 2005
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