A large, preferably navy green bag, used to transport large quantities of beer into the unsuspecting bathrooms of bars, restaurants, theaters, etc; where they are then to be chugged. Satchel is most commonly used among sketchy individuals; the less fortunate and/or college students. Tactic to save money.
Dude, you ready to satchel it up?
by LizzJizz March 26, 2007
a bag of contraband
How am I gonna get a satchel on such short notice before the party!?
by Dylanger March 30, 2006
Can be a verb or adjective.

a) to slouch around wearing scruffy leather jackets and bluntstones, looking incredibly mangy, untidy and unkept.
b) to smoke a copious amount of marijuana.

Adjective: can describe anything, however usually describes someone or some action of the know-it-all, douche-bagish nature.

Verb: "i woke up late and satchel'd around Queen street yesterday"
"lets satchel it up"

Adjective: "wow that was a satchel move, man"

by beachface November 12, 2008
1. A term used to describe the ball sack of a male

2. Also can be used in place of the word douchebag, or can be used to describe any other person you hate for whatever reason. More commonly used to describe plurally and not singularly. The effect of the word is signifigantly weakend when used to describe a person.
Dan: Dude look at that kid he pulled his pants down

Ben: (Sees ball sack) NO MORE SATCHEL!


Dan: Look at that guy with all the tatoos, hes eying up that little asian girl. What a fucking creep.

Mike: Yeah dude, we gotta get outta here. This place is full of satchel.
by Fudgepacking Spacedocker June 26, 2009
A satchel is a bag often used to carry books, and other objects in.

Mike: Leah what does your satchel contain?

Leah: Not much just a few books and a huge dilly
by Michael McManus November 27, 2007
The scrotum or ballsack.
see satchel bomb.
I banged my satchel on the doornob.ouch!
by jason&mikey February 25, 2003
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