a term used for someone being abnormally mouthy for themselves and attempting to be cute. Usually found in the Romanian culture. This can be spotted if one is wearing ankle socks with flip flops.
Have you talked to Dan yet? Watch out cause he is DEFINITELY wearing his sassy pants today!!
by sassiest pants October 05, 2010
Top Definition
If youre being sassy, chances are youre wearing sassy pants
Quit being so sassy, sassy pants
by Emoworm March 07, 2005
possessing ungodly amounts of cool and sexiness, particularly in the lower region of the body. Normally used when referring to the female gender.
Girl, you are one sassypants!
by Melanie Mint July 19, 2005
Somebody who needs to be slapped, right now.
Jess: Why is Bridgett being such a sassypants?
Erika: I dunno but she needs to be slapped, right now.
by SteveLeave98118 August 16, 2011
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