Where a guy cums on a chicks face, then ripps out pubes from him or her and throws it at her face. The cum makes the hair stick... thus... sasquach.
Man that bitch was so suprized when i gve her a sasquach.
by mehowkilan October 09, 2009
Top Definition
a giant hairy monster or you could say a realy hairy man that has not been proven to be real yet
ahhhhh theres sasquach run be for he gets your ass
by juggalettedgaf August 29, 2008
a large hairy dick with hair so thick it makes dick color indistinqushable
That guy had the biggest sasquach ever... and im still getting hairs out of my mouth
by u shit fuck January 04, 2012
A very ugly, fat or just plane nasty woman.
I cant believe you had sex with that sasquach
by Drake911 August 20, 2009
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