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Sasehead originates from the word basehead (a mudaphuckin drug addict) and sexi (damn..!!!i'd fuck herr/him). Hence the "s" in sexi and the "asehead" in basehead to create a whole new word capable of attributing both characteristics into one description.
Matt: yo talkin to diane and tiff are like talkin to a rapper and talkin to a white dude... when i wuz talkin to diane. Like we cudn't relate..cuz she wuz a basehead and shit Matt: so our convos lasted no more than like 2 seconds...lol Cathy: lolollolols tiff is ghetto Matt: lol she setto ….sexi & ghetto. Hehehehehehe lol Cathy: lololol setto what about diane? sasehead?
Propz to my girl Cathy…..
by Mathy February 26, 2005