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Mad as fuck loony toon especially when teamed with Rachel or ashleigh! Normally found dancing on tables at posh doos
'get off that table!'. 'no way i'm doing a Sarah.!'
by tubes3000yfc January 20, 2012
4 24
Awkwardly tall, Strawberry blonde, blue eyes, freckles, etc. She loves her friends to death. Loves super loud scary music. Will do anything to make you happy. Likes making friends and can get along with almost everybody. Will stick by your side and hopes to be your favorite person! Get to know her. :]
Sarah in your pants and you like it.
by INYOURPANTS, Sexy Beast. August 16, 2008
115 251
this pretty cool person who is talkative and looks incredibly white and holds a pretty good argument against most people who underestimate her and she cant live without Nina
dude those 2 chicks are hardcore Sarah and Nina style
by GOR :D February 17, 2008
246 382
A bimbo. A fairly attractive woman with zero IQ and very stupid.
Look there goes sarah.
by Bimbos hunter January 02, 2010
47 190
dude sarah's a cougar
by niko prewitt August 22, 2008
107 268
The dumbest sex toy ever. She is basically two free minutes of fun that you will most likely forget. USE A CONDOM!!! She will give you diseases. She is not bright, not very pretty, but will have sex with anyone. Girl or Boy.
Bird: Hey Bitch can I stick it in you?
Sarah: What? Do you wanna have sex? I like waffles.
by Lotifwarayata September 29, 2009
73 238
The biggest bitch to ever walk the earth.
Can't keep a secret, total slut.
Did you see that girl last night?
Yeah, she was such a Sarah.
by idontlikeliars September 10, 2009
83 250
Sarah: A hot chick, weird, odd, a different person, sucks dick regularily,
Woah your not virgin?;
no not since i met sarah;
woah she did you too? ;
by sluttyskank432 May 03, 2009
55 225