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Cool, calm, composed.

It's actually French and pronounced sahn-frwa.
"He's always composed; so sangfroid, don't you think?"
by SnG. April 04, 2010

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means "cool" in French
also can mean "cold", as in cold hearted or De Sang-Froid means "in cold blood"
I just friggin beat you down de sang-froid!
by SHIBBY-ONE April 14, 2005
Attitude of calmness.
Such sang-froid in the disposition of the person I am describing.
by Larstait November 15, 2003
Attitude of calmness, especially when exhibited while under stress.
Displaing her usual sang-froid, the nurse quickly and calmly attended to the many patients needing her attention.
by Boomer March 27, 2005