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Me, one sexy mama.
Person: Sander's the coolest
Person #2: Werd up homey
by Sander March 13, 2004
80 62
to act/be crazy. usually in the context of over analyzing or obsessing about a situation.
"Oh no, she is about to go all sanders on you!"
by swed89 November 19, 2012
12 5
When a man has facial hair stuble and grinds it into a chicks snatch.
I was munching on Sally's snatch a gave her a Sander with my chin. She was excited.
by Congo May 10, 2005
35 35
Requirements: 1 Male, 1 Female, 1 KFC Boneless Bucket.

Description: The Act of a Female performing Oral Sex on the male - whilst he enjoys eating a "Kentucky Friend Chicken; Boneless Bucket"
Toby: "Guys, guess what?! Jamie just gave me a Sanders!"
Other people: "Omg, you have won the Internets."
by KEVII Anonymous November 27, 2011
17 21
To wake up early in the morning in the dead of winter with the sole intent of taking an excessively long shower. A true Sander is done when you know that everyone else is waiting and relying on a shower to get them through the day. Getting Sandered may result in a pathological phenomenon known as an "undeSANDERED" testicle when your roommates attempt to shower after you.
Hey man, make it quick. I got Sandered yesterday and my balls still haven't dropped back down.
by hypoxic drive March 03, 2010
10 14
A Sander is a closet homosexual who does something ellevillt everyday
Peter: So you came out of the closet?
Bird: I could not stay Sander for ever
by Sanderhater May 27, 2013
3 13
noun 1. One who enjoys male company, especially in the shower

adj. 2. Possible gay tendencies; enjoys sleeping in the rain

verb 3. To try and jump into one's own shorts
1. I don't hang out with him anymore because he is a homosexual sander.

2. He is so sander; he told me that he once stayed up all night to listen to the patter of the rain on the window.

3. I almost ROOFLED myself to death when he sandered into his boxers.
by Da Sal June 22, 2005
148 166