a person who passes out on the beach from drinking too much vodka.
my friend johnny and i were drinking at a bon fire when that stupid sand monster started to eat sand becasue he was so wasted
by josh martiniz November 07, 2005
Top Definition
when a fat female was skeeted on after sex on the face and then had her face slamed into the sand. she then raises up yelling with sand stuck to her face.
"hey Gleezy! what happened after you left the party with big betty?" said BIG D

Gleezy replys with " i turned her into a sand monster and ran."
by Gleezy November 27, 2007
May also be called the beach monster. The act of doing your woman on the beach, finishing on her face, and then throwing sand in her face. Because of your "Finish" the sand will stick to her face, and sand will most defiantly go in her eyes making her mad. The combination of the two makes a sand monster. This can also be done in your home, but with the use of cooking salt instead of sand.
"Yea me and betty did it on the beach, and i gave her a sand monster"

by Sum Yung Cow January 13, 2009
When a person hides between the bed sheets and covers of another's bed and waits for them to lay down on top of them. Once they lay down, the person from below immediately grabs them like a monster that hunts in the sand
"Dude, Robert totally sandmonstered Chester!"
by Raidon January 07, 2008
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