acronym for "Sexy Ass Mother Fcker"
also written as s.a.m.f. or sam f
Chris: Damn did you see Christina today?
Edwin: Yea, shes beautiful!
Chris: I know, such a samf...
by Chris Hurtt April 02, 2008
Top Definition
acronym for Shit Ass Mother Fucker.
Mike's nothing more than a samf.
by racer March 21, 2004
Amy: I would totally do him.
Elena: why?
Amy: cuz he's a samf.
by thebeastoftacos June 26, 2010
sev ass mother fucker.

sev is the armenian word for black
Alex Derian is so black, he's such a SAMF.
by melsaboss June 30, 2011
"sev" ass mother fucker
That man is such a SAMF!
by hyeeeeerrr June 30, 2011
stupid ass mother fucker
That guy is one SAMF.
by beechtree July 10, 2008
A sexy ass mother fucker, derived from bamf, which means sexy ass mother fucker
Oh dude you know that Emily chick?

Yeah blood, she's such a samf! I'd hit that all night long.
by Macmrman October 21, 2009
Serious As A Motha' Fucka'
idk y u lol im SAMF
by Ms.Jaimie August 30, 2010

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