popularized by the movie SUPERBAD!


this means getting a red blood aka period stain from dancing with somebody who has a freaking period and then sees the girl's (you just danced with) boyfriend about to attack you having the same stain and you call SAMEZIES!

yes... SUPERBAD was that awesome!
Dude, samezies, we got blood stains!
by Super Oreo August 18, 2007
Top Definition
"same here"; expressed in a time of seemingly coincidental joy; a spicier way to say "same"
A: I just got herpes.
B: Samezies!
by Mucho Calores March 19, 2008
a substitute for the word *same* only its the only real way to say it! cuz once you use the word samezy on a regular basis there's no going back.
Caution: not to be used in face to face conversation, people may think your retarded. only to be used over the computer. such as IM
person 1: yo wut up??
person 2: nothing much, you?
person 1: samezy.
by clay clay fo' shay shay February 17, 2009
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