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a down's syndrome person. same meaning as mong, but more specific
ahh mate, gerron that same head lickin' the windas
by paul May 13, 2004
76 20
Someone with downs syndrome. Because they all have the same downy looking head.
"Did you see that bus full of same heads?"
by barry on brigate June 19, 2009
25 14
Slang (colloq.) for a sufferer of Down's Syndrome or similar such birth defect.
"I can't tell one downs tard from another, damn sameheads."
by LewisTRapist February 23, 2005
27 18
A person with an erratically shaped skull, resulting in a distorted collection of grey matter. May find it hard to keep head vertical and often dribbles while speaking.

mong, spunk giblet,
Toby:- That keith is such a same head
Tractor:- I agree, what a same head
by Armr Boy March 13, 2008
18 10
someone with downsyndrome - offen used as an insult to friends
"haha you look like a samehead there"

"shut it ya same'ead!
by Tom Pritchard August 25, 2007
12 4
Someone who works in a call centre, loves pop R&B, shops in Primark/H&M/Top Shop/Man, goes out to Walkabout/Slug & Lettuce and the like every week and likes whatever the media tells them too, and thinks they're brilliant for it.
This city is full of same heads, let's go underground
by baldmosher June 30, 2006
24 30