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An Latin greeting used in Ancient Rome meaning "Hello".

It is pronounced "sal-vay"

Marcus Julius Romulus: "Salve, Citizen."
by Jankri June 03, 2008
1. Salve can be construed as any form of lotion, jelly or cream used as a soothing agent for treating rashes, burns, wounds, or other dermatological inflammations (hemorrhoids, etc).

2. Misspelling of "slave."
In the Ren & Stimpy episode "To Salve or Not to Salve," a salesman tries to sell Stimpy a jar of salve on the grounds that it helps with dirty dishes and unmanageable hair, among other things (such as acting as a substitute for toilet paper).

Use of salve as a kitchen cleanser, hair sculpting solution, or substitute for toilet paper is not recommended and is a blatant misuse of the product.
by Siegfried Zaga May 20, 2005
likes cock upp his ass nd likes 2 likck donkey dik
OMG im not gay i'm just a bit salve
by dave321 July 26, 2007