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a masochistic person who actually likes being tormented by telling everyone their troubles and pain, then when someone comes along and rubs "salt in a wound", the person responds by saying "thanks that felt great" and proceeds to have a pity party for himself/herself for months on end, continuously licking the salt and referencing the comment whenever they can, for attention.
Suzie has an alcohol problem and frequents bars to pick up men... I gave her lots of attention and tried to get her to quit..Finally gave up and called her a skank. Now she tells people she must be a skanky alcoholic, because I said so. I actually think she likes it, because she giggles every time she says it. It's her new tagline. She is such a saltlicker.
by wordsmith78 March 27, 2010
A salt licker is when a man licks a sweaty, smelly vagina and it tastes likes salt.
"Hey salt licker did you try carly's great pussy tonite? That shit was salty!"

"Gee wilikers! That was some salty pussy last night!".. said the salt licker.
by cluster fucker September 07, 2008
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