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a girl who's very friendly and easy to get along with. At first may appear a bitch but is very outgoing at very friendly. She is always fly.
hahah i love that girl, saige.
by bayybayyg March 31, 2009
A hot, sexy girl with deep penetrating eyes. She is beautiful and smart and usually the leader in her group of friends. Usually brunette with hazel/green eyes.
Oh, that's Saige.
by applebottomjeans135 April 24, 2011
Saige is the prettiest girl ever, she is a great friend and will always be there for you. All the guys love her! She has the prettiest eyes ever. Her hair is usually long and blonde.

Everyone loves her and her friends! Her skin is really tan.
Wow; did you see that girll saige?
by xxihateyouxx April 02, 2011
Saige is a funny, sarcastic, independent girl. She seems fine on the outside but is troubled within. Only few know her secrets but the ones who do matter the most to her. She has brown hair and brown eyes, almost black. It is very worth your while to get to know Saige, though she has a tough wall. Saige is beautiful; Thin, gorgeous eyes and smile, silky hair, soft touch.
Boy: Dam, who is that girl?
Boy 2: Man, that's Saige. Don't fuck with her unless you're serious.
by Caprice Uns February 02, 2014
A bueatiful crazy girl with brown hair and blue eyes. She is a sports star and good at anything you put in front or her. She is tall and knows a lot. All the guys want her.
I went out with saige last night.........BEST NIGHT EVER!
by Boo!#34 May 10, 2012
Someone who laughs at their jokes but doesn't know that they aren't funny
Often at times gets called a chicken, either from being skinny or not wanting to kiss a boy at a dance

That girl must be a Saige!!
See that saige; she didn't want to kiss a boy at a school dance
by OLD PUSSY K July 31, 2015
A pretty chill girl.On the verge of being Emo but not completely.Usually pale skinned with brown hair. The kinda girl that tends to wear purple bows in her hair.Mostly immature but fun to be around.
"That girls name is Saige and shes completely saige!"
by wardragon330 February 07, 2009
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