Sagisa is a name most often associated with very fat and extremely ugly and gross sluts. If you were to ever encounter a chick with this name beware because she will most likely leave you with multiple deceases if you had gotten drunk enough to actually bang her. Can often be found being gang banged by college fraternity pledge groups having the newbies prove themselves. Truly the most disgusting female one may ever encounter during many lifetimes. BEWARE !!!!
Dude, did you see that heinous Sagisa in the bathroom at the frat party last night ?? She was blowing every drunk that was wasted. Man if you let that skank even near you, you better go to the clinic and get ten shots just to make sure to get rid of all the diceases she has. I bet last night alone she blew 37 guys and that was before I left !! What a skank !!!!!
by Chester Chester February 07, 2010
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Beautiful, with creaitivity and very unique. A ethnic european name given to someone who is very unique and attractive. ''WOAHH SAGISA IS FUCKIN HOT''- no limits.
Boy #1: mann, hes so lucky.
Boy #2: i know ehh!
Boy #1: he has sagisa,man he's gonna chop her so bad.
Boy #2: i wish i could.
by termone899 April 13, 2010
She gives the best advice and can be looked at as a "sex goddess". She will suck you into her world, you will easily get addicted to her.You will be amazed when you meet a Sagisa.
''Did you see that supachika?''
''She lookin' so flyyy.''
''Yeah, it's Sagisa alright.''
by trueG10 April 13, 2010
sagisa: hot, great in bed, perfect girl, sweet, guys love, and they all want one; its like she came straight from heaven, so if you meet a "Sagisa" keep the "Sagisa" there aint nothin like havin yourself a "Sagisa".. no girl can compare!
Man one: look at him, man he's so lucky!

Man Two and Three: Why?..

Man one: thats Sagisa, and that guy has her.

Man Three: What?

Man Two: really.

Man one: She's better then any other girl, fuckin sexy shit.
Girl Three: well she is pretty hot!

Girl Two: yeah! she's makin me wana chop her.
by evonmichel April 13, 2010
Sex Kitten, verry good at purring, seducing and can kill with one look. Makes men crazy, can't get enough of her!
Wonderful in bed, and as a bonus she'll throw in some animal noises and will talk dirty to you in languages you wouldn't understand. But she's not easy!
''Wow, that Sagisa banged me hard last night!''
by jerry607 April 13, 2010
Sagisa is most often defined as a very ugly girl that some call a whore but those that know her know that isn't true because she could never get paid for sex due to being such an ugly bitch, so she gives it away as often as she can find drunken and unwary guys. Very often she can be found on all fours, her favorite position due to the fact that she can be getting it from behind while also blowing guys, thereby taking on twice as many guys. Even guys that are drunk prefer to just have this slut blow them because then only her forehead can be seen, lowering the risk of having to see her very hideous face. She has a frequent flyer card at the free clinic due to the many diceases she has contracted.
Dude, I'm so afraid that I might have herpes !! I was so wasted last night that I banged that slut Sagisa last night in the parking lot of the bar after 13 other guys did and now it burns when I piss !!
by Johnny Rotten crotch February 13, 2010

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