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What you call a girls boobs when she looses about 150 or more pounds. They look great in a push up bra, but when u get her naked they look like deflated balloons and you have to make her put that damn shirt back on before you can skeet
Damn dud, my mom's friends daughter lost alot of weight and I all thought she was hot till I got her drunk and fukin hell if she didn't have saggy baggies and I had to run for the hills.
by the Marz June 27, 2006
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he got kicked in the saggy baggy and hes all sick now
by thebootsybeast November 03, 2010
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an old evil woman usaly used by skaters
"dude saggybaggy called the cops on us for skating"
by Malachi Frey November 03, 2007
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