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1: An informal greeting.
2: An expression of pleasant suprise.
3: A description of something good.
Person A: Safecore, person B
Person B: Safecore.
by Eikasia June 13, 2006
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Safecore is a relatively new term, most commonly used as a pejorative word to describe the sound of metal artists who frequently abuse breakdowns, electronic synthesizers, and heavily-modified singing to accompany screamed vocals which are typically easier to understand than more "brutal" techniques. Safecore bands tend to follow fashion trends and design trends, such as using a catchy typographical lyric video in their uploads, or branding the current popular logo style on their albums. Safecore bands are normally frowned upon by the majority of other metalheads.
"Dude! Did you hear that new Capture The Crown band? They sound a lot like Asking Alexandria."
— Typical safecore fan

"Nah, dude, that stuff is ridiculous. I don't listen to safecore. I'd much rather jam to some nice unique progressive metal."
— Typical anti-safecore metalhead
by TriangleTheory April 06, 2013
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