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Commonly used at the Home Depot to describe the department head at the pro desk. It's used to describe somebody who is just so sad to look at you can't do anything besides laugh. Most people described as sad sauce usually have anywhere between 5-10 kids.
Man, that department head Rob is such sad sauce.
by Josh "Rosicherie" Special June 28, 2008
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A word used to describe something bad happening.
Person 1: Oh man, I'm sick.
Person 2: Aw, sad sauce.
by kdfjkdjfdkjf May 10, 2007
Term used to describe cum, jizz, and/or semen released while masterbaiting to help conquer the feeling of loneliness.
Andy after breaking up with his girlfriend can now only release sad sauce.
by SadSauce101 January 10, 2016

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