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A trick played on a fellow athlete where the open hand smacks the target's testicles with the knuckles in a sharp, wrist flicking motion.
"Dude, I sack tapped Brandon, and now he has the whole team trying to sack tap me"
by Chris M July 07, 2004
the quick flick of one's fingers making contact with another's ballsack, causing a delayed, but tremendous pain in the lower stomach region of one's body.
Brandon sacktapped Jerry and made him cry.
by Daniel Tyrrell July 20, 2004
The sudden and random striking of a person's cock and balls with slight wrist action.
I sack tapped him so hard today that he fell down on the ground.
by Mattyw April 26, 2004
to tap a guys balls so they knock eachother. (very painful)
I'm going to sack tap Fish!
by gby November 12, 2006
a slight and subtle flick of the wrist to a man's testicles, causing him to fall to the ground in pain, and occasionally cry.
I sacktapped Luke, and now he can't have children.
by Jo-dizzle December 02, 2005
By far one of the gayest things you can do as a male.
Walking up, and touching another dude in the balls. Your gay. No way around it. Sack Tapping is for the gays.
by TheHyde June 04, 2010
When somebody sneaks up on a guy and lifts his foot quickly (but not a kick) and taps his balls.
"I snuck up behind jack and tapped him"
by Zacharias February 21, 2005
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