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1. An act within oral sex when the scrotum (sack) is licked continually up and down motion (sliding)

2. The act of travelling down an amusement slide on a sack
1. "I can make a guy ejaculate with a sack slide better than anyone else"

2. "Hey man, what are you up to tonight?"
"Heading over to Luna Park for the fun of a sack slide."
by Camicca October 07, 2011
The occurrence of one's testicle slipping out of their undergarment thus being exposed below the leg opening in their shorts.
"Dude, I was at the gym talking to this hot chick when I felt a cold spot in my crotch. I looked down and one of my balls was hanging out of my shorts!"

"Then I looked up and she had already spied the sackslide!!!"
by Manuel DeDoof December 10, 2009
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