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The ultimate tool. There's just no bigger tool than this sack of tools.
What a sack of tools.
Your sack is showing.
Stop being such a sack of tools.
The person most likely to carry a sack of tools is...
by polpru February 25, 2010
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Any person who is the epitome of a Tool Bag and is most likely seen throughout the day carrying around a sack of tools. Such people usually have no friends, life, general reason to live, therefore they spend there days with a sack of tools and dream of becoming a mechanic or repairmen of some sort.

Can also be used as a verb "Carrying around a sack of tools"

Most people who carry around sacks of tools are outcasts and you do not want to be like them. Nobody likes a guy who had a sack of tools on their back.
Artur "You would think that kid likes carrying around that sack of tools"

Brian: "I Think John Pearson should be voted most likely to carry around a sack of tools"

Upon seeing a group of fags "I bet you each of those guys carry around a sack of tools on a daily basis."

"Yo whoever punch quags definitely must enjoy carrying a sack of tools
by Ey Yo Brooklyn February 26, 2010
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