When a person has so much swagg that it seems edible. Others may want to bite and individuals style.
I am so swagg-a-licious, everytime I go out I start new trends that turn into epedimics!
by Tha Hollywood Kid March 10, 2009
Top Definition
To contain swagger, to be fly,fresh.dope,etc. to carry yourself with mega swagg.
" Ayyy Yooo Money! WaSSsPoPPiN!" I SEE YOU GOT THEM NEW JORDAN 5's mmmmm dthem joints isss swaggalicious fareal.
by jae.capo April 27, 2007
To be super fly, fresh, dope, and tight. It also means to possess super hot style and to have that "special thing" going on for you.
"Chrystina Sayers is definitely swaggalicious."
This means that she got all that swagger, all that style going on with her. She is extremely fresh, fly, and dope.
by RyRyAdri March 04, 2009
When your tight as fuck but remain balling at the same time. All the hoes wanna piece of you and haters steadily jockin your style.
Mary: damn have you seen dave latley?

Donna: no i havent but i heard he be getting mad brain

Mary: i know! apperantly he has become swagga-licious in the last week or so.
by Robert McHighstrom February 11, 2009
(Adj) -- Having so much swagger that you ended up fucking your best friend's mother.
A: "Damn, Joey's mom damn near raped me."
R: "Damn son, Someone's feeling swaggalicious today..."
by scaraba September 10, 2010
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