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My BF/GF at camp sent me a letter and on the envelope it said S.W.A.K
by Someone June 27, 2003
168 63
Acronym for "sealed with a kiss".
"Becky promised me a date!"
"How do you know she wasn't lying?"
"She made a swak on me."
by Fierce_Deity June 26, 2003
92 57
Used commonly in South Africa by people who are too lazy to say 'unfair' or 'unlucky' or 'too bad'.
"No, you may not have my cottage pie"
"Man, that's swak!"
by Matt C August 30, 2003
116 83
sealed with a kiss
the deal was sealed with a kiss
by april m May 11, 2004
37 14
Less commonly known as the Society of Women Addicted to Knitting.

A group of people who knit together.
Husband: "Hey honey how bout we get naughty tonight?
Wife: "Sorry, I've got a SWAK meeting!"
Husband: "Damn SWAK!"
by swakman November 23, 2009
65 47
an acronym meaning "sealed with a kiss".
I signed my boyfriend's card with "Love, Jenny *s.w.a.k.*"
by ilikedrums April 21, 2009
3 1
-is an cheesy acronym meaning Sealed With A Kiss, but I like to define it as Sexy Wild And Kinky... hehehe
When I'm with my man it's always a S.W.A.K. night.
by *MeeshaxBella* February 05, 2009
11 10