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Acronym- Secret Pocket Wank.
"my girlfriend was shouting about the cleaning, while I executed an s.p.w"
by s.p.w December 21, 2009
3 0
An acronym for Severe Pussy Withdrawal. A disorder in which a male is cut off of his supply of natural or artificial pussy. Results are, but not limited too: severe mood swings, aggressive behavior, depression, and a feeling of loneliness.
Patrick hit that worthless hood rat because he is suffering from SPW.
by Jack Kinnoff October 10, 2011
47 22
Secret Pocket Wank
Friend: Dude, that is wrong, stop having an SPW in class.
by CEzzzz December 26, 2009
22 8
(Sex Per Week) The amount of times a person has sex during the course of the week
BS: My SPW is at an amazing 7
JM: Oh bullshit
by LouDorchen December 05, 2010
18 6
Smart Person Word. A word that you come across while reading that only smart people use.
"In the presence of the king, he was an obsequious servant."

Carl: That's a total SPW!
by ILoveMyDucksMoreThanYou October 10, 2011
4 1
Sugar pill week. the time of the month that girls, who are taking birth control of the 28 day kind, have placebo, or sugar pills, for the entire week.
me: >.< My mini-me factory is angry, on strike, and drawing blood.
my friend: SPW again?
me: yes.
by MOTHERFUCKIN' PLATYPUS! December 04, 2010
1 3
pronounced "spwuh". spw means sucks or blows.
that's really spw. your mom's really spw
by anicole February 08, 2006
7 14