drink a drink by sucking up small quantitys of the drink, often makes a slurping sound
also see sup
"sip your coffee carefuly, it's boiling hot"
by H Dineley January 29, 2004
Originated in Auburn, AL. Used in place of the word "drink" in all contexts. Tenses are made at the speaker's discretion.
Kevin: Yo, Conor, it's Friday night, where's my sip?

Rollie: I got lights out sip'd last night.

Stefania: OMG, guys just kept buying me sips last night.
by BlickNation March 09, 2008
A type of drink mixed with cough syrup and a juice or soda like sprite.
Synonyms: lean, purple, liq
Shit if it was up to Sigel, world be drinkin' bottles
Of that promethazine, out in Philly they call it lean
Or they call it liq', my niggaz from the Three 6 call it sip
-Purple by Project Pat
by Jasmine =] January 14, 2008

Used for texting/chatting. When someone texts you something sweet, especially someone you like and you smile in public SIP. Most people just look at you like you're crazy but you keep sip-ing.
Text: "You're beautiful" "sip aw thank you"
by nomadicnutrients March 11, 2012
Sip: a variation of geeve, if you thought it wasnt possible to geeve any less thats when sip is used...

Hoestly geeve is getting kinda old sip is the wave of the future geevers
Sange: Lee that guy keeps looking at you

Lee: Sip.
by supreme sipper February 27, 2009
yes, affirmative. From the spanish word 'si'.
Would you like to sit down?
by Juniorchang April 20, 2009
to consume alcohol heavily
Yo boys, are we tryna sip tonight?
by someguy6 June 04, 2010
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