Self important person. A person who thinks they are very important much to other's surprise and amazement.
That SIPs head has grown totally out of proportion to his embellishments.
by mlhiss April 04, 2008
Smiling in public. Often used when texting or IM-ing.
Person 1 - I like your hair in that picture.

Person 2 - SIP thank you (:
by smilessss August 05, 2009
Shit in Peace
how you been sipping lately
by Joey blach February 24, 2009
Stands for Sexy Italian Pilgrim, a label given to a sexy pilgrim who is presumed to be italian. Inspired by the pilgrims of World Youth Day.
Alex: Did you see that SIP walking past before?
Caterina: Damn he was bellisimo.
by reeezy August 02, 2008
The first of a five-tiered method of quanitifying an amount of liquid beverage (often alcoholic) consumed without removing the vessel from the lips. The tiers are sip, swip, swig, swug and chug. This is the smallest of the tiers and connotes a very small amount of beverage actually consumed. Often used falesly in order to induce another person to allow you to share their beverage.
person 1: Yo, let me hit that Turkey.

person 2: Naw man, this is all I got left and you'll chug it all down.

person 1: For realz, I'll only take a sip.
by nolanz January 04, 2008
1) noun- alternative term for any drink, particularly one containing alcohol.

2) verb- the act of getting drunk.
1) "Yo man let's go get some sip."
2) "I'm fittin' to get my sip on."
by gangsta750 March 03, 2005
A general term that refers to any beverage except coffee. Oddly enough, it can refer to frozen coffee drinks.
1. Let's go to the refrigerator and grab us some sips.

2. I needs me a bit of sips.

3. I could could for some sips to go with my munch.
by Ehrik March 15, 2004
"Slut In Progress". Used for young girls or women who seem to be inching their way toward the road of sluthood and whoring.
"Yo John. Take a look at that sib."
"Damn Steve, I'd LOVE a sip 'a that sib."
by J March 21, 2005

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