Short for Super Wal-Mart.
Yo, lets head to S-Dub, I need a loaf of white bread, some KY, and a Miley Cyrus poster.
by Aj Steller April 03, 2008
Used in reference to the Southwestern part of Little Rock, Arkansas. It gained notoriety when it became the number one location of gang violence in the South. Its story was chronicled in a HBO documentary during the 1990's called Banging In Little Rock.
Screamin S-Dub till I dieee!
by Ceezah February 15, 2008
Nickname for Southwest Little Rock.
Mane, a bunch of hoes was walkin down Geyer Springs Road and Baseline Road in the S-Dub last night.
by BooBooHead March 09, 2006
Nickname for Southwest Little Rock
Mane it be a bunch of hoes on Geyer Springs and Baseline down in the s-dub.
by BooBoohead March 21, 2006
Nickname for Southwest Little Rock. Bastardization of the old nickname "SW".
Mane it be a bunch of hoes walkin down Baseline and Geyer Springs Road down in the S-Dub.
by BooBoohead March 05, 2006
Refering to a person as to having a "small wang." An insult used by the NJS in Wellington High School
Sean- You got a S Dub Ricardo
Ricardo- F man the girls are nearby, dont let them know!
by the njs May 06, 2006
best part of weymouth and beter than N-duB E-dub DUB-DUB and L-dub so Fuck you bitches
i live in S-dub(south weymouth) mass and dont hate me cause im rich and have a pool
by eric chishom July 06, 2006

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