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In reference to baking, a s'mookie is the combo of a marshmellow and a cookie. The result is a s'more that wants to be a cookie, or vice - versa
Bill: Hey... do we have marshmellows?
Sarah: Yeah. We also have ingredinets for cookies. Want some?
Bill: Hell no! LETS MAKE SOME S'MOOKIES!!!! >:-0
by DUDE OF AWESOME January 15, 2009

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verb- the act of sucking breastmilk out of titties during intercourse.

noun- the actual breastmilk that is being sucked.

(Also known as smooky.)
I'm pretty sure I'll get some brain tonight and since Lisa just had a baby, I might have a chance at getting some smOOkie.
by schenley January 09, 2005
A garishly colored domestic cat, often prone to drooling during affectionate pettings
I only petted the smookie a minute and now I'm covered in slobber!
by Spotted Feline November 17, 2007