when you want to say somethings nice but want to do it in a non-chalant "Indifferent" attitude. originated in East-Dubuque Illinois
also can be used to lazily say "thats nice" like after somebody has told you a story that nobody cares about
Joe: I went to the dump today!
Miles: Snice!
by Otto November 02, 2003
Top Definition
"It's nice!". Combination of the words it is and nice. Used as a quicker and more casual pronunciation of "it's or it is nice".
Proper pronunciation: "I love the layout of their living room, it is nice". Social pronunciation: "I love the layout of their living room, s'nice".
by MarleyBoyDesigns&StudioCapraro August 20, 2009
An interrupting phrase used to ignore an annoying person mid-sentence or to just make them feel bad about themselves.
Gio: "Oh hey bro, last night I was just sitting there on my computer and I was browsing your myspace pics and..."
Brooks: "SNICE"
Gio: "Awww boo hooooo!" *cries*
by GiovanniClean April 03, 2009
Combination of snow and ice.
Man, the dog just came in covered in snice. Awesome!
by Roxie AKA LisaLeesaLisa January 09, 2011
So nice. Nicer then nice.
person 1: yo hows that weed?
person 2: this shit is snice.
A shortened way to say "Shit dude, that's nice!"
"Hey man I just got a new phone"
"Woah snice!"
by Dhpickle December 02, 2014
A crude contraction of "that's nice" or "it's nice." Used by an uninterested person who's trying not to SOUND uninterested.
"Check out my new video game. It's about *blah, blah, blah.* So whatcha think?"

by Wordmeister 5000 December 13, 2012
A material that falls from the sky in the form of precipitation, possibly exclusive only to my area of the midwest (unknown); that has the general appearance of snow, yet the consistency of solid ice, this is discovered when an attempt to shovel this material off of your driveway is made only resulting in defeat, sore butt muscles, and a broken shovel. It's not very Sn'Ice.
Gee, I was driving down the road and a two foot thick block of Sn'Ice came sliding down my windshield, broke the glass, and ripped my windshield wipers off. Sn'Ice!
by Midwest Man 31 February 25, 2010

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