A skanky man whore; a man who no one really likes but is really good sex.
girl 1: omg! did u hear? Brian fucked another girl!

girl 2: r u kidding me?! that's his third one today!!

girl 3: yea, what a smore.
#s'more #smore #smores #skanky man #man whore #skanky man whore
by s'more October 07, 2007
Top Definition
1. Abbreviation for "some more," a campfire treat consisting of toasted marshmallow, graham crackers, and chocolate.

2. A word Justin wanted in the dictionary
Let's make some s'mores!
by Anonymous September 20, 2003
the plural of s'more. It means that there is s'more chocolate, s'more marshmellow, and s'more graham crackers.
Joey Butafucco is a dago who puts red sauce on his s'mores
by T-Dog Jenkins January 23, 2005
a smore is when a black dude gets a 3sum wit a brown chick (hispanic, indian or caramel colored black chick) n a white girl (or a hispanic chick with a "white" complection or albino black chick)
yooo bruh i cant chill 2nite, im havin a smore.
#3sum #smore #chick #dude #fuckin
by travjules June 26, 2010
graham cracker with a marshmallow and chocolate in between
a whore wearing a white t-shirt that poured choclate sauce all over herself with the assumption that in doing so she will get lucky?

what x-actly are smores im not really sure
#smore #chocolate #marshmallow #whore #graham cracker
by COOLEST biatch February 19, 2007
a portmanteau of Slutty Man Whore
"Andrew is a smore...you should smore smack him"
#slut #whore #man-slut #smack #sluttiness
by trace-dawg January 27, 2010
An extremely delicious combination of hershey's chocolate bars, marshmellows and graham crackers toasted to perfection and can , in some cases, be quite addicting to the consumer.
"Let's go get us some DEEEEEEE-LICIOUSLY, addicting s'mores" called out Billy Jean to Bobby Sue
#food #s'mores #yummy #addicting #chocolate
by Maidlow July 25, 2008
a hybrid of a smut and whore
i seen my bm, what a smore she turned out to be!
#smore #smuta (en espanol) #slut #whore #trick #stizz
by chivyballz January 12, 2009
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