Cork,ireland word for 'wassup' or a general greeting. It came from the greeting 'what's the crack?' but 's'crak?' is just a shortened version i.e. you dont say the 'what' or the 'the' part!!...also see 'crack' because irish crack is not crack-cocaine!:)
1st person: 'Hiya!'
2nd person: 's'crack?'
by xxkrissxx September 07, 2007
Top Definition
also referred to as a taint and derf, this is the area on the human male between the scrot and the poop chute.
Man I just went running. Smell my scrack for some olfactory goodness!!
by Satan's Stan April 17, 2003
A combination scratch and crack on a computer or phone screen.
Dammit, not another Scrack. I should have got insurance on that screen.
by SLSChillie August 14, 2016
to scratch something so hard that it cracks.
I scracked my cell phone and broke the screen.
by brighteyes5000 December 10, 2014
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