A hair style worn by guitarist/lyricist Ryan Ross of Panic at the Disco that resembles a mohawk!
"OMG ryan ross looks so cute"
"I know and the ryhawk so rocks"
by sehin July 10, 2008
Top Definition
A way-better-than-any-mohawk type hairstyle once worn by Panic! at the Disco's guitarist Ryan Ross
The awesome boardies all wish Ryan would lose the cowboy/hippy act, and bring back the infamous Ryhawk
by Chriistiina September 18, 2007
a too-cool-to-be-a-mohawk type hairstyle once worn by Panic! At The Disco's Ryan Ross
Almost all the awesome boardies with Ryan would bring back the ryhawk
by Chriistiina September 17, 2007
Ryan Ross's old hair when they first started the band Panic at the disco. It was half of a mohawk, emo side bangs, and regular short hair.
Girl: I loved ryans old hiar.
Girl #2: Yes we should protest "Bring the ryhawk back!"
by Panicaddictfan April 05, 2008
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