Smart, blonde haired, usually has a less than average penis. Humor isn't really his thing. He excels at binge watching netflix and politics. Highly developed fine balance between being the next Einstein and fucking twat.
That boy's definitely a Ryan.
by iamajedi April 12, 2015
A Ryan is often a male. It is an American name typically given to a Caucasion boy but sometimes given to a Black boy as well. If you are a black boy with the name Ryan, be proud your mother didn't give you a ghetto name. If you have the name Ryan, you are probably very short in height. A Ryan is often athletic and loves sports such as soccer. A Ryan is also very talented in the Fine Arts department. A Ryan is what you would call "A ladies Man." The name Ryan is often used in teenage movies to sterotype the popular jock of their High School.

If you are a white boy that has the name Ryan, you are probably a man whore that loves to party and get drunk. You are the one that will always be seen dating the popular Cheerleaders. However, a white boy name Ryan can also be genuine and knows how to treat his ladies right.
If you are a black boy that has the name Ryan, you probably come from an all white neighborhood and a lot of your friends are probably white and your best friend is probably an Asian. More than likely, you wear glasses and have/had braces.

A Ryan in general is very funny and can be very sarcastic. They are very easy to get along with though and they are amazing listeners. A Ryan is often one of two things: A good eater or a good cooker.
Jimmy: Look mate, who's that short kid that's getting all the ladies?
George: I don't know man but I heard he plays soccer.
Jimmy: I heard he likes to cook.
George: Yeah man! Chicks dig a dude that can cook.
Jimmy: Aw, I wish I can be like a Ryan.
by bow-chica-wow-wow June 27, 2010
A kid that goes to your school that is a dumb jock. Ryan is always a catholic
Every school has a Ryan
by mayokiwi November 15, 2014
A person who thinks he's hot but he's really gay. Ever girl loves him but he wants to be gay
This kids a Ryan I'll never date him
by Jutterback39 October 28, 2014
One of the coolest and weirdest guys you'll ever meet. He thinks you have a short attention span, but really you are just to focused on other stuff to care. He likes knives, anime, and being sarcastic. He's so weird that he even walked around East Ridge, Tennessee in a Hula skirt and a coconut bra. You better not pass up your chance with this really amazing person, chances are you won't find someone as amazing and awesome. (Dear Ryan, I have something to tell you :3 )
Cammie- Hey Ryan, why do you like knives?

Ryan- Cause they're cool
by That-Weirdooo June 08, 2013
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