when your having sex doggie style and you stick your finger in her ass and reach around n grab her by the cheek and pull
oh baby oh baby mmmm yes n the ass thats right, "god shut the fuck up" what r u doing?? "open up" thats right bitch eat shit n shut up take that rusty fish hook
by gunn420469 June 15, 2010
The act of putting a finger up an ass hole while hitting it from behind then sticking it in there mouth.
I was hitting a girl from behind and gave her a rusty fish hook
by Larry Luciano January 19, 2006
When having sex in the doggy style position, you pop your index finger in the brown hole, then pull it out and insert into the receivers mouth. Very similar to the "Fish Hook" which is the same thing without the "rust".
So last night i was with this girl i met at a bar. One thing led to another and we ended up doggy style at her place! I thought hey, Fish Hook!! But the finger is rusty? So i did it anyway. Hence Rusty Fish Hook!!
by K&B INC November 18, 2009
you stick your finger in your own butthole, and then walk up to your victim and put the the same finger (in the shape of a fish hook) into their mouth and the inside of their cheek. Then pull like you are catching a fish.
He pissed you off? Give that dude a rusty fish hook!
by Micah in Japan February 11, 2008
When you stick your finger in your butt, then make a hook with your finger and hook a friends lip
dam after that rusty fish hook i smell and taste shit

by frank urbani May 18, 2007

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