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An African-American football player in the runningback position. Related positions include quarterblack, lineblacker, cornerblack, fullblack.
-What position does Chris Johnson play?
by hithere:) February 03, 2011
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Stems from Running back, the position in football. Same concept as lineblacker but with a different position. The black running back's talents are equal to those of an ideal black man.
1. Coach Whitfield only plays black kids, he must love his running blacks.
2. That running black is as fast as Deion Branch.
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All-black clothing worn by stagehands and other "behind-the-scene" personal in live theatre, some movie production, and live-action gaming.

Black clothing is hard for the audience to see, allowing stagehands to move scenery while attention stays focused on the actors.
"As long as you have a good set of running blacks, we'd be happy to have you help out as a stagehand for the school play."
by C. Don Wilson February 13, 2009
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