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to "gangbang" a girl with several friends.
Think of an actual train - one goes over the tracks, and then another. Now, say these trains were friends of some asshole, and the tracks were... you get the idea.
by babette January 01, 2004
to have sexual intercourse with a girl, with the help of one's friends.
"Bitch if you don't leave RIGHT NOW me and Bo Vice gonna run train on you!"
by mechaduck November 05, 2007
To call your friends to preform various unforgivable acts of a sexual nature on one female in rapid succession.
I'm 'bout to call bovice. We 'bout to run train on you, bitch!
by un4gvable1 March 11, 2008
When a bunch of guys have sex with the same girl one after another with no break for the girl
Yo tonight were going run train on that bitch Jenny
-Cool hopefully i'm not the caboose.
by bloddyazzcheese February 14, 2009
Where men all have sex with one women. Either at the same time or one after another.
Yo don't make me get Chaps cause he'll run train on you!
by BobCock April 13, 2009
To do work on multiple people in a game or anything that has competition. IT IS NOT ANYTHING SEXUAL.
Jared: Wanna run train in gears later?
Dave: Yessir!
Jared: Don't invite Sam or else we won't be able to.
by Grogdog June 01, 2011
To "do work" on players in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by shooting them in the face while dual wielding ranger shotguns.
Holy shit! That kid is letting the beat build, he is about to run train on that kid!
by LetTheBeatBuildBeetch November 15, 2009
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