a funny, odd sort of country folk. They like to eat many variations of "spuds". They also improvise with certain traditional objects such as: making televisions, building mini's and so on. They use funny names like baby poo. They are generally inbred or wish to be and fancy their sisters. They go by funny names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WESTY: "That mini i made is called baby-poo."- what a rummen.
#rum #odd #curious #perculiar #extra-ordinary.
by Richard Montgomery West May 07, 2006
Top Definition
Arabic term meaning pomegranate. Not a common name, but found among Muslims.
Hey Rumman, pass me that Rumman.
#rumman #fruit #pomegranate #red #colours
by Kha123456 May 28, 2008
Someone who likes to sniff bicycle seats. Particularly those of teenage girls or boys.
I chained my bike up outside the store and when I came out there was this dirty rummen in a trench coat sniffing the seat.
#sniffer #ass sniffer #bikesexual #smellfie #sniff a bicycle seat #seat sniffer #seat sniffing
by Steev3d October 02, 2014
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